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About Fokus Digital Services

Our experienced project management team is committed to providing the best services for its customers.

Every single one of our project managers has extensive experience in creating and maintaining successful websites and each project is tailored to the specific requirements of the client. For us, every project is a new opportunity to show the world what we’re capable of. That’s why we welcome all new challenges.

We take every project seriously and we don’t give up until all our customers are satisfied.

We have the skills and resources necessary to get the job done.

Our web management tools are customized to:

manage schedules effectively and provide results in a timely manner

ensure proper communication between all parties involved

keep all projects within the budget

meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Delivering good results, creating long relationships with our clients and making sure you get a return on your investment give us a great deal of happiness.

How can we help you?

Whether you like it or not, the internet is the focus of our existence. As a result, choosing to ignore it means you'll have to spend more money, attract fewer clients, and generate little to no profit.

One should only do what they are good at, according to an old proverb. In fact, this is the primary requirement for commercial success. Therefore, you carry on with your business and let us take care of the online part. You know your field, we know ours.

Our business offers you complete internet outsourcing services. We bring to reality whatever thought you could have concerning internet potential for your advantage. In addition, we offer our own suggestions to assist you. In essence, we collaborate to achieve success. Because of this, we take accountability for the outcomes of our projects.

Online outsourcing has at least 5 immediate benefits:

filter_1Increase of efficiency. Your employees will be able to focus on their main job, without being compelled to digest hundreds of books on programming or Search Engine Optimization.
filter_2Reduction of costs. We know that hiring and keeping a programmer motivated is expensive. You pay 3-4 sales agents or logistics specialists with the money you pay a SEO expert (whom you employ at 10% of his capacity). Moreover, employees from the online department need office space, computers, expensive equipment...
filter_3Quick testing for new products, services, sales channels. It is way easier to send us an e-mail and in a few hours have a test of a new product or a new service completed by us, instead of waiting for weeks or months until your employees do it. 96% of the online ideas you‘d like to test using your employees never come true.
filter_4Business development. Utilising the internet allows you to swiftly explore new development paths. Because Internet is cheap and very efficient.
filter_5More sales. Radio and TV ads, direct mailing, inserts, telemarketing – all these are expensive and the results tend to not be satisfactory. It‘s high time to start you online presence. It is Mathematics: every company that used the online medium has sold more. Only one condition: hire professionals.