1. The Fokus Digital Services Team, made of the top online marketing experts, accomplishes for FREE your website's audit. The FDS experts, specialized in Goodle AdSense optimization right at Google head offices, are ready to evaluate your website in a maximum of 24 hours and give you the best solutions to quickly improve your winnings from advertising in the Google AdSense network.

2. The FDS specialists send you the immediate Google Adsense optimization measures set for your website.

*Our team's suggestions are based on the more than 8 years experience in the field and, above all, on the weekly trainings provided by Google, as a result of the ongoing officially partnership established with them.

3. After our suggestions for implementation and Google AdSense optimization, you decide what you would like to test and make the necesssary alterations.

*All Google AdSense advertising types are extremely easy to implement. You have two work options:

a. You can add yourself the ads in the website; b. Our optimization team can add them for your.

Either way, we offer you our fully support so that the implementation time for the Google AdSense ads will not affect your current activities.

4. You directly monitor from your Google AdSense account the impact of the changes we propose to you. In real time, 24 hours from 24 hours, 365 days a year, the Google team provides you with all the necessary tools you need to check, at every time and every place, your Google AdSense winnings evolution.

5. In more than 94% of the cases, the winnings of the website owners who benefit from our know-how grow from the very first days after they implement and optimize with Google Adsense by at least 60%.

* Important: The FDS commission will be paid only after you see a minimum growth of 15% of your winnings. In other words, in the very unlikely situation that, after the optimizations made by our Google AdSense team, your winnings don't grow with at least 15 per cent, you don't have to pay us anything. You can check in the right section a winning Google Adsense simulation.

Puteti vedea in sectiunea din dreapta o simulare de venituri din Google AdSense!

** The respect for your client and for our partner, the Google company, determines us not to establish an avant-la-lettre commision, before proving in real time our ability to significantly improve your winnings.

6.After the considerable growth of your income in the Google AdSense network, as a result of the implementation and optimization made by our Fokus Digital Services experts, we will continue to make other technical and editorial proposals as well.

*It is you who will decide if you want us to offer you our experience, audit and constant optimization services.

** The methods and techniques used for growing your Google AdSense winning are the result of the weekly trainings (both applied and theoretical) directly supported by Google for its direct partners (such as FDS for Romania). It is why we are always up to date with the global and local evolutions and trends regarding ads in the network of our partner, Google.

7. The dynamics of our Google partner, together with our specialists' dynamism will offer you the absolute guarantee of substantial winnings in the Google Adsense network – a fabulous market which completely and forever changed the online advertising rules!

Fokus Digital Services, in partnership with Google, invites you to enjoy the benefits of being part of the most important advertising network, locally and globally.

Together with Google and with the help of our experts, we offer you the greatest Google AdSense implementation and optimization services. This is the only type of collaboration from Romania. Google optimization as a result of advice directly from Google.

Call now at (+40) 21 317 25 87 to get in touch with our Google AdSense experts or fill in the down below form.

Please keep in mind that, as the global Google politcs imposes, we will make the audit of your website completely FREE and we will offer you the first implementation and optimization Google AdSense suggestions.

There will be no Fokus Digital Services commission imposed unless you see, in real time, in a short time after the optimization, a growth of at least 15% of your winnings!

Call our experts right now to get your FREE audit made by our Google AdSense experts until tomorrow at 4 pm.

Have a beautiful and fruitful day!

The FDS - Fokus Digital Services Team,

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