Annabel Koffman, Fleet Street Publications
If you want to transition your traditional print publishing business online, then Tools for Publishers have created the ideal solutions to do this.
In a matter of weeks, Florin and his team developed three content rich portals for our business and 6 community sites. Within three months we have already exceeded our targeted indexed pages and keywords. Fokus Digital Services is more than an IT company - it's a company that fully understands the requirements of a direct marketing publisher.
It has developed its online tools so that direct marketers can track campaigns in real time. This means marketers can make changes live as their campaign rolls out and responses start to come in.
You can make changes in seconds as you see live- what's working and what's not. You can also learn exactly what it is your customers really want and develop product at a lower cost and a far higher chance of succeeding.
They don't just develop a tool for you - they deliver a solution for your business to succeed online!

George Straton, Rentrop&Straton
In a continuously changing publishing world, Fokus Digital Services comes with integrated solutions for every publisher, regardless of the business size. Our partnership brought higher revenues for Rentrop&Straton and process optimization. I recommend them as a team of professionals, since they assume responsibility for all their projects.

Nam Kha Pham, Portalmanager
In the digital world you need – not only as publisher – movement and development. The faster you are the more you are successfully especially in times of Google Updates. With Fokus Digital Services I could find a good partner for realizing my internet projects – doesn´t matter small or big. From a simple website slider to a complete content management system or a full responsive design I can access to our partners. Whenever I started a project the solution came very fast, always in time and with an attractive price. And last but not least working the work with Florin, Marius and Fokus’ team is fun.

Cian Murphy, SEO Manager – International Living
After researching numerous Q&A and community platforms the internet had to offer we decided to go with Fokus Digital. They had a proven track record that our parent company had endorsed and we were very happy with decided to use their platform. In less than two weeks we had a fully operational Q&A website that received a lot of interaction and helped us achieve set goals. I'd have no hesitation in recommending Fokus for anyone thinking of using their services.

Polina Naydenova, РС Издателство и бизнес консултации
Fokus Digital Services has not only worked with us step by step to develop the best online solution for our business, but has also cleverly anticipated our needs. With their help, we have created hundreds of online marketing campaigns, several online communities and membership portals and have sent out thousands of emails to our subscribers. Investing in their online tools has proved to be a wise decision for our marketing department, and we look forward to continuing our business partnership, to maximize our online efforts.

Fokus Digital Services has helped our Turkey branch grow extensively over the last few months. Their online tools have assisted us in creating several content portals and community sites that have brought in thousands of new visitors in just a few months’ time. We can honestly say that we don’t know where we would be right now if it wasn’t for their low-cost, effective online content creation and management tools. We recommend them to any online marketers who want to find the best online solutions based on their needs.

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